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Grand Theft Auto IV is an Open World Action-Adventure game released by Rockstar. This game is a reboot, introducing a whole new universe that is very different from other “GTA” games, but it still gives a hint related to other games, and it’s up to the player to recognize it. The game uses enhanced 3D graphics, combined with realistic ambient effects, to bring a new experience to the player. In addition, this game uses a new graphics engine, so it is a complete breakthrough over previous versions. And this does not change the nature of role-playing, players participating in this world can freely do whatever they want to entertain. Players can travel everywhere, use a variety of weapons, do missions, participate in mini-games, etc., there are countless things to do and enjoy in this game.

The gameplay of the game mainly allows players to interact with their environment without limits. Players can use weapons, vehicles, or whatever to entertain themselves in Liberty City, kill someone, steal something, or even race the cops. The core of the gameplay of this game is allowing players to be free and chain-free to keep players entertained, and it will have something more unique and hidden for players to enjoy and explore. Liberty City has a huge area, and it’s built on top of the famous New Jersey city. Players will take on the role of a Russian named Niko Bellic, who traveled to Liberty City to find the American Dream on his own. However, Niko’s search for the American Dream is not straightforward, as it involves many complicated things like social evils, gangs, the underworld, etc.

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