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Jumanji: Epic Run v1.8.9 [Mod]
Requirements: Android 6.0+
Overview: Jumanji: Epic Run takes players to the exciting experience of traversing galore jungle areas and facing dangers to recover the Falcon Jewel.


Welcome to Jumanji!
Once once again, Jumanji is in peril. The sacred Falcon Jewel has been purloined, and you’re on the run to recover it in this action-packed running game.
Run from howling hyenas, climb mountains, avoid avalanches, jump and free-fall from deadly waterfalls, and defeat anyone in your way.
Avoid dangerous animals from the game, including rhinos, vultures, jaguars, and more … watch out at all times!
Play this all-new 4D Runner Game and save JUMANJI!
Less talk, more running. Now… GO!

4 shipway TO PLAY THE GAME: A whole new kind of runner with 4 epic, next-level game modes set in the world of Jumanji. Charge forward and fight your enemies, run from animal stampedes, climb parlous cliffs, and dive off massive waterfalls. Jump, duck, dash, slide and keep running to reclaim the sacred jewel!

EPIC ENVIRONMENTS: Unlock thrillingly dangerous new environments as you play: The Jungle, The Oasis, The Dunes, and Mt. Zhatmire.

SELECT YOUR AVATAR: Running is more fun when you can choose your character: Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Franklin “Mouse” Finbar, Ruby Roundhouse, or prof Shelly Oberon.

MAD SKILLS: Take advantage of each character’s special skills: hurl boomerangs, dance, fight with nunchucks, trailblaze with geometric calculations, jump to the highest high, or ride jungle animals like a boss.

DEADLY JUNGLE BATTLES: Defeat giant brutes and other awful enemies. Don’t let anyone get in your way!

ENDLESS TREASURES: Collect power-ups as you race and jump on the parlous running path.

Magnet- collects all near gold bars.
Shield – protects you from obstacles
Gold electronic device – double your gold bar pickups to get ahead in the game

STYLE UP: You can’t run and jump without the right look! Unlock new environments and get amazing outfits. Each outfit grants you a bonus for each power-up you collect in the game.

Are you ready for the Next Level?!

1. Unlimited Gold*
2. Unlimited Diamonds*
3. Unlimited Berries*
*use them even don’t have enough

What’s New:
Bug fixes for drum sander playing.

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