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Live or Die: Zombie Survival v0.3.470 [MOD]
Requirements: Android 4.4+
Overview: Live or die: zombie Survival is our new post apocalypse survivor machine game with new enemies, items, RPG and action weather.


Survive and explore the open world, build and upgrade your home, build a motorcycle, an all-terrain vehicle and a raft to survive … Try our post apocalypse survival machine.
From the creators of survival games like Survival island: Evo and The Last maverick.

Survival game features:
β˜† more than hundred items, armor and weapons
β˜† open world to explore
β˜† exploration of bunkers
β˜† building a house
β˜† raids on other survivors
β˜† HD – graphics

Zombies Apocalypse Survival Tips:

Make resources with an ax, pick or other tools

Lots of useful survival resources right under your nose. Wood and stone are first-class materials for shelter. piece you’ll explore the huge open world, you’ll besides be able to find chests that contain tools, weapons, and other vital resources for survival.

Craft weapons and armor

Our zombie survival game is unpredictable: the victim can always become a hunter. Choose from hundreds of weapons and armor. Create the best weapon and always be ready to meet the walking dead night and day!

Defend your home

You will have to develop and fight for your life even more urgently , because this is a survivor with role-playing weather from the third person. Now the living players have joined the zombies who want to attack your home. No human can tame a zombie, there’s obscurity to run, so get ready to shoot!

Build and upgrade

Pay attention to the condition of your home and workbenches, as much as living in an open world with galore zombies. It is not enough to make a house out of a pair of planks, because without walls you will not feel safe. The construction system in survival games does not limit you in the shape and size of the house. stake, traps, turrets and various improvements will help you to defend your home.

Explore the open world

Are there islands or land in this huge world without zombies? Now you can find out for yourself, because one of the main features in our project is the ability to create a motorcycle, raft, all-terrain vehicle or boat. Explore the surroundings around your home. Who knows what will come your way? aeroplane crash, military bases, bunkers, other survivors on the raft, abandoned shelters, zombies, mutants. furthermore, as you explore the open world, you can find resources, as well as improvements for your house, raft or motorcycle.

Learn the history of the apocalypse

An unknown cataclysm turned the world into an endless desert afloat by zombies. The last survivors are looking for shelters to unite and dream of finding their own home.
The task of our game is to find out the truth about what happened and how to save the world from zombies.

Survive in the world of the apocalypse

Zombies evolve, animals can change, the danger grows every day.
You need to perpetually create new items and improve old ones in order to repel their attacks
Download Live or die: zombie survival and embark on a survival adventure. Play without Wi-Fi and net connection, survive as galore years as you can, competitive with your friends.

Coming soon:
– Multiplayer with friends: free PvP;
– Large settlements to communicate with other players;
– kin bases: build a base with friends and attack other clans;
– MMO raids on bosses and hunting the walking dead with a clan;
– Cooperative PvE quests;
– Pets

MOD Info:

– Free Craft
– CPU: armeabi-v7a
– APK optimized: Reduce RAM Usage and Improve Stability

What’s New:
Major update:
1. ever-changing the balance of the game;
2. ever-changing the locations of the game;
3. Improved graphics;
4. Craft Changed;
5. workbenches Changed;
6. Added combat drone;
7. Optimization.

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