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Armed Heist: Shooting gun game v2.6.0 [MOD]
Requirements: Android 5.0+
Overview: Armed Heist is an action-packed third person shooter game that lets gamers take part in an
epic crime spree.

Robbing Banks and armored trucks has ne'er been so much fun. Have
you been looking for a great third person shooter game you just can’t stop playing? Well you
are in the right place. Welcome to the world of crime. Try to complete over 70 challenges!
You have a mission in front of you – become a pitiless legendary hood and crime lord!

You only have to be smarter and more skillful than your enemies. Use different masks and
weapons to accomplish your goals. Make your character gain levels by unlocking and
customizing a variety of weapons and gear. Start to earn dozens of cash. Your journey in the
life of crime has only started.

The CRIME MAP offers a immense range of dynamic hit jobs, and players are free to choose
anything from nickel-and-dime jewellery store robbery’s, to big-league heists of major bank vaults.

As you progress the jobs become larger, better, more challenging and more rewarding.
Along with the prestigiousness of earning more cash and climb the ranks to become a legendary
criminal, each player is equipped with a personalized weapon system that allows you to
custom build the wildest modified guns you could ever imagine.

Key Features:
• Crime Map – A dynamic job information lets gamers pick and choose from available jobs.
ranging from nickel-and-dime hits to big-league heists – all in a challenging 3D environment.

• Weapons and Modifications – Players have over 30 unique weapons to choose from,
covering everything from marksman and assault rifles to compact SMGs. Once you’ve settled for
a favorite, you can modify it with sights, suppressors, grips, large indefinite quantity, stocks and more, all of
which will affect the performance of your weapon. There are besides strictly aesthetic
enhancements – each weapon has a wide variety of skins, all operational with high-quality 3D
graphics and immersive gameplay.

• Dynamic scenarios – No heist ever plays out the same way doubly. Every single scenario
will be different depending on how you play it. Players choose from different, thrilling and
engaging shooting missions. Get ready to feel the thrill.

Armed Heist will test your reflexes and plan of action skill.
If you like third person shooter games, you will fall in love with Armed Heist.

MOD Info:

– Immortality
– CPU: armeabi-v7a
– APK optimized: Reduce RAM Usage and Improve Stability

What’s New:
With this update we’re making a foundation for the new server. Players will be transferred in batches/groups, we will promptly announce this before hand.
Added a restriction limit players to play with the same character on multiple devices.
The search for friends has been optimized, should now be faster.

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