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Deep Town: Idle Mining baron v5.6.2 [Unlimited Money]
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: Looking for idle games or excavation games to be the top mining baron ever? Play Deep Town: Idle Mining baron, dig deep & uncover the hidden story behind Deep Town and on the way discover story artifacts. Dig deeper, & build mining Stations to produce more resources!


We offer you one of the top idle mineworker games or idle baron games so you get the scope to discover hidden secrets and resources for your mill production. This mineworker Dig Deep game brings you underground cities full of golds & artifacts. You just have to dig deep with strategic plans to collect them, start a large production and earn revenue. Manage buildings and idle resources and earn enough money to upgrade productions. Make an industrial revolution to manage and automatize your mine production. Expand your town factories and give productivity a boost with drones which will automatize the work flow and boost other buildings!

Deep Town: Mining mill – Idle baron is a mining machine or an idle industrial simulation game that mixes excavation, crafting, and management to earn profit and advance your town. Our idle baron game aims to build a mine empire and optimize resources to gain more productivity. Use special spells to explore more than 10 different zones to uncover the crust of your town & use rockets to travel into outer space to mine on asteroids!

Progress through one of the top drill mining games to get the chance to terraform your planet!

Become a pro manager at multitasking and prioritise work flow to keep a constant flow of idle revenue – craft recipes, smelt raw resources into parallel bars, use the rain from your water collector to grow seeds into plants in your greenhouse, use mineworker automatons to make your mine deeper to reach the planet’s core.

Key features of Deep Town: Idle Mining baron

Amazing Animation and Design:
If you are looking for mining games baron or drilling games with fantastic graphics, try dig mine game. The futurist designs of the tools, automatons & places will grab your mind instantly. When you explore asteroids or fight off epic bosses, everything will feel realistic, delivery you more pleasure in the mine quest.

Simple yet Addictive
The unique gameplay of this idle games baron will keep you going for hours. Our deep world industrial game lets you automatize your production work flow to increase your idle financial gain & build a planet of mine. Upgrade your control panel to power up your spells to dig and destroy blocks quicker ! Go deep to uncover more areas to build mines, oil buildings & chemistry mines. Send explorer bots to hidden caves on secret expeditions to collect artifacts, build you own mine town, build industry and become rich!

Become a King
This mining machine allows you hold the supreme power. Play with futurist automatons from your own automaton mill and make a fortune. Profit from merchandising your items at the right time in the commerce portal, upgrade your drone bay and increase your productivity. Mine for over 15 different resources: coal, copper, gold, volcanic glass & more.

What’s New:
Deep town prepared a little update:
– The mine was cleared from some bugs;
– Performance enhanced.

Unlimited Money

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