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Fire Strike – Gun Shooter FPS v3.33 [Mod]
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Play 5v5 quick action matches for 5-7 proceedings, upgrade weapons and instrumentality, arrange shooters, use plan of action grenades and try to survive.


Play 5v5 quick action matches for 5-7 proceedings, upgrade weapons and instrumentality, arrange shooters, use plan of action grenades and try to survive. Learn all the game maps and they will become your weapon in the world of the game enveloped in protests and critical confrontation of different fractions.

[Play to Win, not Pay to Win]

Join epic PvP battles and become heroes of battleground. All shooting game items poignant gameplay, you can get just by playing the game. So go get some weapons, gears, and grenades and bang bang bang!

[Fight against gun games players from all over the world in FPS game]

Lead military trading operations in Chernobyl, Japan, USA, and other virtual war zones. Take part in action team battles, plant a bomb, or remove it. Acquire new weapons, soldiers and armor, try new tactics and install unique attachments.

[5 proceedings, 10 players, fast matches and best survival tactics]

-Fast and easy gameplay
-Simple controls, just two fingers
-Autolock and Autofire or hand controls
-Great graphics and effects
-Excellent performance and optimization

[Clash squad with Friends up to 5 people or 10 players FFA]

Get together in online games with your friends in a squad of 5 people against other FPS games players to be the one who get the apex rating. Play custom online game mode up to 10 people.

[4 game modes not yet available, 4 in development]

-Team fight
-Free for All (Death Match Survival)
-Bomb mode (Defuse)
-Arms Race (Gun Game)

[A wide variety of weapons and instrumentality, flexible specialist settings]

Choose who to play as a fast SMG assassin, marksman support or Tank machine artilleryman. Be whoever you want in one of the most dynamic 3D shooting games!

[15 leagues, convenient rating system]

What is your final league? Become one of the legends, join the Fire Titans league in graded games. Make your way through the rating as part of a squad or alone and get rampage in defferent shooter games and rounds.

[Regular updates]

In the future, Fire Strike Online players will have new modes: capture, combat arena, 2v2 tournaments. And of course new maps: SLUMS RAID, CAMPO SACRO, etc.

Lots of new shooting content: skins, characters, weapons, attachments.

Please note!
Fire Strike Online Shooter is wholly free-to-play and transfer, piece some in-game content can be purchased for real money.

[Contact us]

For any questions or comments, write to us at [email protected]
We will lief try to help you

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*Attention! The game requires a stable net connection
Recommended system requirements: Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 2 GB memory

What’s New:
New Year Update 2022 with Season 4

– MOD Info:
2 No Recoil
3 No Spread

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