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Bid Wars 2: Auction & Business v1.58.3 [Mod Money]
Requirements: 8.0+
Overview: Bidding on storage auctions, specially the ones big enough to be part of tv games, is a very good way to make money. And when your profit game achieves epic proportions, you can start your own business game and then become a city builder.

Bidding on storage auctions, specially the ones big enough to be part of tv games, is a very good way to make money. And when your profit game achieves epic proportions, you can start your own business game and then become a city builder.

Bid Wars Pawn Empire is a garage gross sales, treasure hunt and storage auctions game where you’ll learn the business game principle. This antiques and treasure hunt storage game will make your day.


– PROFIT and earn cash from your smart deals in storage auctions and unlock new buildings for your collection. Then, expand your city building business and make even more money! Being a business baron is really fun! Not even celebrated tv games reward people with this amount of money! Hey, who knows. possibly with so much money that you earn you can create your own bargain tv show games and treasure hunt games.

– OUTBID your competition in edge-of-your-seat storage auctions like no other antiques game can recreate. Choose, analyze and bid quicker than your rivals in auctions garage hunt adventures all over the world! You’ll feel like you are part of one of those celebrated tv games as you show the world your rare items collection and talent for bargain and negotiation game dynamics!

– RUN and build your own pawn shop in this garage gross sales strategy game, that brings all the tension and excitement of bargain and negotiation tv games and treasure hunt stories, and display the unique rare items you earn and valuable garage hunt acquisitions as you expand your business machine empire.

– FOLLOW your quest to turn your summation family business, a pawn shop, into a city-wide business empire you can build and expand in a bargain and get rich game full of twists!

– GET best-known in the garage gross sales and negotiation world and be detected by big rich person name calling on the scene with your legendary items collection and your unique master skills and strategy!

– COLLECT a wide range of unique exotic items in this business machine and pawn shop game, from rare antiques you can restore to cars and boats you can renovate and sell at an epic garage gross sales game, just like your favorite instrumentality and garage hunt reality tv shows!

– BUILD and manage your pawn shop business empire with your master skills and collect treasures!

Embody your inner warehouse business machine baron at auction time and keep your negotiation game opinion on the coin treasure game competition in order to make the best rich person bid, always. Some of these musty old garages hide treasures on the far side your wildest dreams in this negotiation and business machine game, that are worth dozens of cash you can earn, enough to make you a rich person with your rare items collection in your pawn shop! Try your luck, but ne'er ignore your unique business machine game instincts at auction time! Always manage to remember the stories of the reality tv show game hosts who lost all their coin cash nightlong in bad warehouse auction bids for not having strategy or master skills.

This coin get rich game gives you the rich person chance to become a rising warehouse star and build a reputation, swimming in rare items and cash! Expand your horizons and take part in larger auctions, just like the ones in tv show games. Some big pawn shop moguls who are Masters in profit games mightiness not like the competition your business represents. And when this happens, they’ll pull the string section to make sure your business machine game is over in no time! so much problems come with the territory when you take part in the risk heavy world of business machine games. observation some reality tv shows full of conflict during auction time may prepare you for these cases.

Start your own instrumentality pawn shop and business machine tv game and now and get ready to bid, build and travel!

Please note! This pawn shop game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may besides have to be purchased for real money.

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More bugs and nuisances resolved!

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