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treaty With A Witch v0.18.02 Premium [MOD] (18+)
Requirements: 5.0 +
Overview: Your roomie and best friend tries to fuck Neus, the most introspective of the whole design school, who bites him just after you save her.

You discover that bite was not only for self-defence, it besides contains a captivating that turns your roomate step by step into a girl.
Who everyday that pases, she seem forgeting more his past and becoming more attracted to you.
To save your friend, you make a treaty wit Neus to have 4 dates, and the last night she promises to return his original male form to your buddy.
Although it seems that she keeps her word, there are sinister property she had not told you yet.

What’s New:
v00.18.02 Premium
In the beach the part where she goes with those other guys is narrated (not illustrated).
You can leave with Didac and try to have sex with her at home (jumping the second date with the blonde).
Two different endings available with Didac if you keep wanting to be with her and not going to the last date with Neus. (depending on if Didac is or not pregnant).
Sexual environment are still work in progress.
A bit more illustrated (and with a bit more music) the part where you escape with Neus in that dark place.
Next update will be about the second date with the blonde and “her” friend. Thanks for your support!

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